Not just for protecting your home. For living in it.

Transform the way you interact with your home with SecureConnect® from Fidelity ADT. Now you can control a range of functions straight from your Android or iOS smartphone – no matter where you are.


With SecureConnect® you can do the following straight from your smartphone.

  • View the status of your home security
  • Remotely arm or disarm your alarm system
  • Switch and dim your indoor and outdoor lights
  • Detect movement
  • View CCTV footage and get video verification
  • Open and close doors and gates
  • Detect geyser leaks
Why choose SecureConnect®?
  • SecureConnect builds on our SecureHome product using a DSC NEO panel which can also be retrofitted to existing DSC NEO installations. The system is also compatible with wired DSC NEO alarm systems or wireless DSC NEO panels.
  • Through the SecureConnect gateway you get more control of your home through your alarm system. This enables you to remotely arm or disarm your alarm, switch lights on and off, as well control or view CCTV footage if you have cameras installed.
  • The system is completely modular allowing you to install additional components to expand the system’s capabilities to suit your growing requirements.
  • We currently offer indoor and outdoor WiFi enabled Infra-Red cameras for optimal day and night viewing.
  • SecureConnect makes use of GPRS technology which totally replaces traditional alarm radio transmitters. This improves signal quality and reliability for always-on connectivity.
  • The SecureConnect platform is fully customisable allowing you to set rules, scenarios and schedules to automate features without having to actively manage your home
  • SecureConnect is currently controlled and managed via the innovative App.

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